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[News-PsB] Punksbusted Unexpected Outage

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Publicado 06 December 2010 - 06:36 PM

I definitely want to apologize to everyone that PsB was unavailable over the weekend and most of Monday. We were doing some maintenance and an upgrade to one of our servers. Well no good deed goes unpunished. During the work there was trouble at our Data Centre that caused them to lose power during the work we were doing.
So to make a long story short we lost all our servers for a short time so streaming was down for a while. The bigger problem is that PsB lost the website server for the last 4 days until the server it resides on and coincidentally the same one we were doing maintenance on, could be brought back up.

Once again PsB apologizes to everyone for this outage and lack of forum support, but except for that Friday, the streaming portion has been functioning.

Noticia Completa: http://www.punksbust...showtopic=69920 Click Para Leer

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